Solutions developed for Customers and in co-operation with Customers

When we design a seat we do not just design something we "Think" the industry requires. Our seats are a result of feedback from drivers, fleet managers, ergonomic experts and engineering workshops.

We listen to Customers problems and create solutions, that's why when you buy any product from the Be-Ge range, you are buying "More than a Seat"

Jany M1 Approved Wheelarch Box - Clever use of Wasted Space

Jany M1 Wheelarch Box - Clever Use of Space

The Wheelarch on a vehicle is such a waste of space. It is a big challenge for vehicle converters to utilise this area and build around it making maximum use of the vehicle interior.

Jany produce a range of Wheelarch boxes to suit a wide range of popular European Vehicle manufacturers, which simply bolts over the vehicles wheelarch allowing you to fit our tip and fold 862 series seat onto the box and make it a seating area. All our boxes are fully approved to the latest Type Approval rules and testing has been witnessed and documented by TÜV Rheinland.

Popular with Wheelchair accesible vehicles, its designed to sit either side of the rear wheelchair ramp allowing easy access into the vehicle and the seats then fold out to allow passengers to sit in the seats.



Motorhome's - Clever Solution to a problem

Our range of Motorhome seating uses our 825 seat, this seat is designed to fold forwards and flat to allow bed boards to be mounted on top of the seat, instantly changing the vehicle from a seating area, to a sleeping area.

Fully approved to the latest M1 Type approvals which Motorhomes must comply with in April 2012, the seats answer a solution to a massive design challenge that faces Motorhome manufacturers.



Testing and Quality


All our seats are delevoped and tested in accordance with EU directives for vehicles and therefore meet the absolute highest level of safety currently available for vehicles.

The Be-Ge Group has invested in its own TÜV-approved testing laboratory and all tests are conducted under the supervision of a representative from the Department Road Safety, TÜV Rheinland or the French approval body UTAC.

The seats undergo an intensive testing procedure, which often surpasses the currently applicable legal reguirements in this area. Safety belts and restraint devices are crash tested according to the latest standards.

We constantly test our products as new vehicles and model types enter the market and our close working relationship with vehicle manufacturers sometimes mean we get bodyshells ahead of the actual vehicle launch.

We work closely with our network of approved bodybuilders to ensure our seating systems are fitted as per the approval to ensure our end users have maximum safety in the case of traffic accidents.






Be-Ge Industries Quality Policy is:

  • We will achieve the demands on us and continuously improve our Quality system.
  • We will rather work preventive than corrective and eliminate risks for deviations in our products and processes.
  • We work goal-oriented, internally through engaged and renewable employees and externally by securing that we always work with the most competent and best suppliers, resellers and agents
  • We are certified with the ISO-certification 9001


We sell Solutions not Seats

Selling Solutions not Seats

"Business is not just doing deals; business is having great products, doing great engineering, and providing tremendous service to customers". - Ross Perot

We do not believe that you can just simply "sell a seat", there is a lot more work involved to make sure we match a seat exactly to our customers requirements.

Our seat designs are based on the knowledge that different applications require different seats. For example the vibrations produced by construction vehicles or tight confines in a forklift cab require completely different seat designs than those required in trucks and buses. Our vast range of 24 hour office chairs have been developed because no two people are the same and the applications we find our seats in varies from customer to customer.

We cannot find a solution for our customers without fully investigating what our customers require,that's why the most important tool we have in our organisation is we listen, which is why we are one of the most respected companies in the vehicle seating business.




Co-operation brings Success

Back in 1934 when Bror Göthe Persson took over a garage in Oskarshamn Sweden, “Co-operation brings Success” were his founding words and they are still deeply ingrained into our company today.  Who could of imagined that from its humble beginnings that this garage would become the home for the production of the famous Be-Ge cab which was the unrivaled market leader for many years.

After the sale of the Cab manufacturing plant to the Scania Group (Scania still produces all its cabs today on the original site and it’s one of their largest facilities) Bror Göthe Persson then started to develop his business into seating manufacturing , vehicle sales as well as several other activities.

Today, we are the world’s oldest manufacturer of suspended driver seats, with our wide product range we are today supplier of seats for, among others, trucks, buses, large and small industrial forklifts, construction- and railway vehicles.

Seating is our core business and Be-Ge is still owned today by Bror Göthe Persson’s second and third generation family. Deeply ingrained into our company are our founder’s words “Co-operation brings Success”





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