Solutions developed for Customers and in co-operation with Customers

When we design a seat we do not just design something we "Think" the industry requires. Our seats are a result of feedback from drivers, fleet managers, ergonomic experts and engineering workshops.

We listen to Customers problems and create solutions, that's why when you buy any product from the Be-Ge range, you are buying "More than a Seat"

Dual Purpose Seating

DPS Function -Clever Thinking

Air Suspension provides a driver with unrivaled levels of comfort, but what about when the road is slightly rough, the aggravated movement from the road surface can leave the driver "wallowing" around , which can get very annoying as a firm drivers seat position is required.

Our new Dual Purpose Seat is designed so the suspension can be deactivated and locked into the static position. In one simple movement the seat can change from soft and flexible on the motorway to firm and steady when the road conditions require.




Be-Ge & Sittab - Control's at your fingertips

When driving a complicated Forestry or Industral machine where precision operations are vital, you need a steady hand to make accurate movements.

Our range of Be-Ge Seats are fully compatible with the Sittab range of armrests, joystick controls and their 2 & 4 way isolator units keep the driver in the same position no matter what the terrain.

Our seats are used in Volvo Construction, John Deere & Komatsu Forestry as well as Heavy Duty Forklifts and Container Handling machinery.



Be-Ge Seats - Ideal Solution for Aircraft Simulators

Be-Ge - Solutions for Aircraft Simulators

When training to fly an aircraft, the ideal seating position is required as well as the utmost in our comfort engineering for long periods of training

This is why many Aircraft training Simulator manufacturers choose Be-Ge, our seats offer infinate adjustments so the trainee pilots can sit perfectly at the controls where every movement counts.

We can supply a wide variety of options including

  • 4 or 5 Point Harnesses
  • Cloth, Leather or Sheepskin Upholstery
  • Height Adjustable Rotolift
  • Fully recline and lumbar support
  • Fully adjustable headrest both 2 and 4 way
  • Fully adjustable armrests


We can tailor our seats to our customers unique requirements no matter what volumes are involved, this is why we are a leader in this field of seating expertise.



Be-Ge - When the Solution is Critical

The Be-Ge range of 24 hour office chairs find themselves in some of the most critical work applications available.

Our office chairs find themselves specified in areas such as Nuclear Power Stations, Air Traffic Control ,Surveillance and Control rooms.  Developed in co-operation with top Swedish ergonomic experts, they are based on our highly successful truck and bus seats which each year cover thousands of miles meaning they are extremely robust, but also designed to keep the occupant alert.

Be-Ge Operators chairs are unique on the market with their height adjustable backrest for all sizes of occupants, coupled with their adjustable seat cushion, they allow the seat to be adjusted easily so they can accommodate a person irrespective of their height, weight or stature

We also offer infinite adjustments, which allows you to adjust and vary the sitting position during long and demanding working hours. The seat cushion has “Sverigestolen´s” unique ventilation capabilities that give high comfort even during long and warm working days





Be-Ge Jany M1 Command and Control Solutions

Be-Ge - Command and Control Solutions

Our range of Jany M1 tested command seats are used by a number of Police, Ambulance and Fire authorities in the UK

Fully tested to M1 European approvals, they enable officers to get to work on the move from the moment they leave the station on their way to an incident, but offer them the same level of safety and protection in the vehicle.

Our range of Mobile Camera van M1 seats offer the same level of protection with excellent ergonomics for long periods of sitting during the officers working shift.

All our Command and Control M1 seats come with a wide range of options including adjustable armrests, fully reclining function, 4 point rotation to lock the seat in forwards, rearwards and side facing positions. Our generous length seat slides and height adjustable function is also useful when dealing with the problem of different height officers needing to work at a desk or get to the eye level of a speed camera.



Be-Ge - Solutions in the Forestry Industry

Our Be-Ge 3000 seat has now being introduced by three major forestry machine OEM’s as their high end option seat, to cater for the growing demand of a luxury seat with excellent vibration properties, we also offer a wide range of armrest/joystick controls, Isolation dampers both 2 and 4 way which can be adjusted on 6 levels

We also offer as an option our Our  HealthVib®inSeat indicating body vibration exposure in accordance with the EU Directives 2002/44EG concerning vibrations in the workplace




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