Jany seats for the largest ambulance in Europe


12 Tonnes of Intensive Care Technology!

Holland’s Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) vehicle. Designed and assembled by Dutch builder, Visser Leeuwarden,on a Volvo chassis it’s one of the largest ambulance vehicles in Europe.

Based on a Volvo FL290 chassis the MICU has a number of unique clinical and engineering features designed into its construction that make it a complete and total ‘one-off ’. Among its many novelties is a bespoke interior lighting system built into the walls and ceiling of its patient compartment that can be altered to take account of either the patient’s mood or to create clean light for the clinicians on-board should they be required to dispense more complex clinical-care for the patient who, in most cases, needs intensive monitoring.

Our highly successful Jany 805 and 862 seats were chosen as the seats for the rear compartment and in the unlikely event that the MICU box’s bed should ever come free of the chassis during a major collision, the vehicles unique  cabinets, with their internal safety cages, will absorb the impact so that the medics sat in our seats will not get trapped. This entire design aspect significantly reduces the likelihood of injury to all occupants in the patient compartment.


Jany 862 Range of Tip/Fold CEN 1789 Approved Ambulance Seats


 862 Standard ( View Brochure)  862 Contour (View Brochure) 862 Seamless (View Brochure


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Jany M1 Police Camera Van Seat Solutions

Be-Ge Jany M1 Tested Police Camera Van Solutions  PoliceSafteyCameraVan

Be-Ge Seating UK is one of the leaders in supplying fully tested Jany M1 approved seats for Police Camera Van solutions

Our Jany M1 805 series seat enables officers to sit comfortably for long hours with functions such as three point integral seat belt, fully reclining backrest, adjustable armrests, generous seat slides and 4 point rotation enabling an officer to sit rear facing to allow them to perform their duties, then rotating the seat forward facing to enable them to travel in the seat.

Camera_Van1contour805SOur Jany M1 tracking system, also enbles the officer to remove the seat and place it on the other side of the vehicle, which is useful when working with oncoming and forward traffic from both sides of the road.

We are pleased to also launch next month, another market first, we will be introducing a M1 fully approved height adjustable seat with integral seatbelt. We see this as a massive advantage for different height officers to get to the eye level of the camera, instead of adjusting the table or camera itself.

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Jany Leaders in EN 1789 & KKK 1822 Ambulance Seating

New_Scottish_Van_Conversion Jany European CEN & American KKK range of approved Ambulance seats,  The Leaders in Ambulance Seating

 When it comes to Ambulance seating Jany have a lot of experience

When we started out in the Ambulance business 20 years ago, we did not design an Ambulance seat we thought the medical users needed. We consulted Fleet Managers, Paramedics, Ergonomics Officers, Infection Control Officers, Ambulance Workshop Mechanics and Vehicle Builders, to come up with an Ambulance seat that match the busy operations required from a front line ambulance.

Over the years our ambulance 862 seat has developed in response to changing demands on the Ambulance industry, today our seat still remains in the forefront of modern ambulance design.

We have been testing our ambulance seats since 1993 and updating our approvals to meet the changes in standards ever since, that’s why when you fit a Jany in your Ambulance you buy a “Seat for Life”


We comply with the latest European CEN:1789 and the Amercian KKK-A-1822 and when we test and develop our ambulance seat, we understand that we are fitting our seats in a vehicle that can legally go over the speed limit and go through traffic lights on red, the most dangerous environments for a vehicle to enter. We have been the preferred supplier for the majority of NHS frontline ambulances for many years.


Whether its a front line van converted ambulance or modular ambulance, a patient transfer vehicle we have a seating solution matched to your requiements. We offer easy clean seamless upholstery to combat infections and we are proud to announce that our latest 862 seat meets the new NHS criteria for sideways facing, being able to lock at 45 degree and pull tested on the lap section of the belt to 22.75KN.


We also understand that when a new ambulance is sent out on the road, it has a minmum operational life of 10 years, when it comes to spare parts we are still supplying spares for our seats fitted in ambulances 20 years ago, which are ex-stock, next day delivery from our warehouse in Derbyshire.


We still have spares available for our old Type 72, 62 and Safety ambulance seats fitted to Ambulances pre 2005 and of course keep stocks of our current 862 standard, seamless and Contour Ambulance seats which are fitted in frontline ambulances today.


Jany 862 Tip/Fold Range of M1 CEN 1789 Approved Ambulance Seats


 862 Standard ( View Brochure)  862 Contour (View Brochure) 862 Seamless (View Brochure


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When Westfalia were looking to develop a compact Motorhome based on the popular

Fiat Scudo, space was a premium and turning a medium sized vehicle into a fully

functional motorhome was quite a design challenge

Jany Seat that "absorbs" Bullet & Stab Vests

Jany Seat that "Absorbs" Bullet and Stab VestsMiltary_Crop

As Military vehicles intended for "non theatre use" move into the M1 category 29th April 2012, the same level of protection and "duty of care" must be afforded for Military Personnel as a normal civilian vehicle.

Jany are pleased to announce the launch of their Military M1 tested 500 Series seat with removable centre section and head rest unit that "absorbs" a bullet proof vest.

Other applications include Police Armed Response units and oficers who wear stab vests requiring maximum room in the confines of a police vehicle and a quick exit to attend an incident.

The removable headrest unit also overcomes the problem of driving a vehicle with a helmet, it brings the occupants neck in-line with the rest of the seat, minimising the risk of whiplash or the neck and spine "snapping back" into the seat in a collision.

We see the seat as a massive step forward for personnel safety and have overcome the engineering challenge of not only providing a useful functional seat, but a seat that meets the strict European M1 testing rules for passenger vehicles.

Other options are our JANY military seat can also be delivered with ballistic protection in the seat cushion and in the seatback. This gives the user optimal protection against shrapnel or bullets.Our ballistic protection is tested to : STANAG I class and have been tested with the following;


12,7 mm FSP, 13,4 g, V = 700 m/s, i.flg. STANAG 2920, 7,62 mm FSP, 2,8 g, V = 900 m/s, i.flg. STANAG 2920, 5,56 mm FSP, 1,1 g, V = 1050 m/s, i.flg. STANAG 2920



7,62x51 Nato Ball, V = 840 m/s, afstand 30 m, 5,56x45 (M193), V = 940 m/s, afstand 30 m, 7,62x39 MSC (AK 47), V = 710 m/s, afstand 30 m., 5,45x39 MSC (AK 74), V = 850 m/s, afstand 30 m 

Mercedes Geländewagen example fitted with a Jany 500 Series military2

The first photo shows the seat with its backrest, the distance between the steering wheel and occupant is quite small restricting space within the G-Wagons cab.

This can also impede getting in and out of the vehicle and in the case of an emergency can slow down the occupants swift exit out of the vehicle.



The second photo shows the backrest removed allowing a more natural driving position and distance between the occupant and steering wheel is the same as you would find in a normal civilian version.

It also makes getting in and out of the vehicle much easier and our "one push button" 5 point harness makes exit of the vehicle extremely quick


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Jany M1 Firemans seat with Oxygen Smartdock®

Jany M1 Tested Firemans seat with integrated Oxygen Cylinder Smartdock®janytype301smartdockin

With urban and city traffic, it’s good to send out a smaller fire appliance ahead of a large Fire Engine, it can manoeuvre quickly through traffic and gain vital minutes to assess the full risk of the task ahead. Also sometimes a callout to a fire does not require a 6 man Fire Unit, but requires all the equipment and protection for the firemen of a full sized Fire Engine.

Jany are pleased to announce the launch of their M1 tested Fire Seat with integrated  Smartdock®, the seat offers full functionality of the seats you will find in a fully loaded fire engine, but as we have tested to 20G, it can be fitted into smaller vehicles such as the Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, Iveco Daily, Peugeot Boxer, Volkswagen Transporter etc.

Traditionally full sized Fire Engines have their seats pull tested to 6.6Kn and 6 times the seat weight, our new M1 Fire seat has been tested to 20G meaning it’s been pulled to 13.5Kn and 21 times the seat weight, currently the toughest seat pull test requirement available.

One of the biggest challenges in smaller vehicles is interior space, so we have designed the seat, so the cylinder can be placed in the seat ready to go, the fire officer then can get in the vehicle as normal and sit in the seat and buckle up to the cylinder, once the fire officer is ready to leave the vehicle a simple “lean forward” and the cylinder detaches itself from its unique lock. In the event the vehicle is involved in a collision, the Smartdock® “claw” clamps down on the cylinder protecting the occupant from the cylinder during impact.

We have also developed a cover for the cylinder area of the seat, which can be placed over cylinder and the vehicle can be used as a normal non emergency Fire Vehicle with the cylinder function hidden until needed again.

Be-Ge Jany have been supplying the “Blue Light Industry” for the past 17 years and are a well respected supplier. We do not design a seat we “think” the industry needs. We consult and listen to the emergency services and develop products in co-operation with our customers.

We see this as a massive advantage across the Fire Service, not only will it be useful for smaller towns and villages who perhaps cannot justify a full sized unit, but with inner city congestion and escalating fuel costs, the seat opens a whole new avenue for Fleet managers to offer full protection to their officers, in vehicles not previously not thought suitable for their application”

Please note this product has a Patent Pending (European patent application 12156663.2)

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