Be-Ge Jany Solutions for Police Vehicles

When it comes to Police Vehicles, we at Be-Ge Jany are one of the leading suppliers of seating solutions to the European Police market.

On the 29th October 2014 the European Automotive market entered into the Type Approval rules and although due to the specialist nature of police bespoke vehicles, the Police have an exemption from Type Approval under section 5 (1) of the “The Road Vehicles (Approval) Regulations 2009”.

We believe at Be-Ge Jany that duty of care for officers is a must and we supply seating solutions that not only offer maximum protection for vehicles, but meet the most stringent demands required of seats today. After all an emergency service vehicle can in essence go legally over the speed limit and through red traffic lights.

When it comes to testing VOSA’s current legal minimum requirement it states that seats must comply with the Regulation “76/115 (as amended 2005/41/EC)”, and evidence of the seat belt anchorages must be demonstrated in an actual shell of the vehicle that you intend to fit the seats into . You must also test to 20G Dynamic testing to meet the 2005/41/EC. We at Be-Ge Jany have complied with this regulation since it came out in 2005

When you buy one of our seats today, we are supplying our seats to the very latest standards 2007/46/EC and ECE R14.07 which supersedes the old "76/115 (as amended 2005/41/EC) which also now includes “stay away zones” and minimum distortions of the seats during an accident.

We do not just stop at testing though, we know that Police officers sometimes spend hours sitting in a seat especially during covert, crowd events and speed camera van work. That's why we look at ergonomics as well human factors and offer a wide range of options such as reclining seats, adjustable armrests, headrests and lumbar support and folding seats for front exit in dog vans.

We are tested in the majority of leading European van models all witnessed and documented by TÜV Rheinland, so no matter what your police requirement is we are sure we can come up with a safe solution for your fleet that offers maximum protection for officers.


  801 Standard ( View Brochure)  801 Contour (View Brochure) 801 Comfort (View Brochure)


Jany 805 Reclining Seats


  805 Standard ( View Brochure)  805 Contour (View Brochure)  805 Comfort (View Brochure)


Jany 862 Tip/Fold Wheelchair and Ambulance Seats


 862 Standard ( View Brochure)  862 Contour (View Brochure) 862 Seamless (View Brochure)


Jany 825 Folding seats for Motorhomes


825 Standard ( View Brochure) 825 Contour (View Brochure)  825 Comfort (View Brochure)

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