Be-Ge Gains full Approval on the New Ford Transit Custom

Be-Ge Gain full Approval to fit our range of M1 Seats into the New Ford Transit Custom

Be-Ge are proud to announce the latest vehicle successfully tested with our Jany range of M1 passenger seats fully witnessed and approved by TÜV Rheinland. The Ford Transit Custom is the latest edition to the Ford commercial range and is a move away from the "van like" appearance of the old Transit and more towards the styling in the rest of the Ford Car range and the Jany range suit the vehicle perfectly.

Gary Shaw from Be-Ge explains "The new Tranist Custom is an important edition to vehicles that can fit our Jany M1 and N1 Seats, Ford are onto a winner with this vehicle as even the smaller SWB version can carry three Euro pallets in the rear – they slide in one after the other and this is the only van in its class able to   do this. You can also fit in 3 metre long sheets horizontally and vertically, three of our seats across the vehicle fit perfectly with ample space for the passengers, the whole vehicle is quite deceiving and is quite a "tardis"

altOur comprehensive testing documentation using 100% Be-Ge products mean that no further testing by the customer is required.

In terms of Type Approval we have done all the testing for you, so your seating becomes a paperwork exercise with no testing whatsoever required by the customer.

Be-Ge Solutions are extremley cost effective, not only are they extremley easy to fit and keep labour to a minimum, our unique bonded twin plate is designed to be "seat specific" saving costs and weight in comparison with fitting a full aluminimum floor.

The Transit custom has been approved to fit the entire 800 series range of Jany M1 and N1 seats and accompanies the testing we have already done on the existing Ford Transit and Connect range so no matter what the requirement, we are sure we can come up with a Jany solution for you.

We openly publish all our test reports to be viewed on line and we test all our seats in each individual manufacturers vehicle model shell you can view our test reports here: JANY APPROVALS

Our Range of M1 and N1 Homologated Seating Solutions

We have a wide range of M1 and N1 homologated seating solutions to cover a vast range of vehicles, applications and budgets

Jany 801 Series non reclining fixed back


  801 Standard ( View Brochure)  801 Contour (View Brochure) 801 Comfort (View Brochure)


Jany 805 Reclining Seats


  805 Standard ( View Brochure)  805 Contour (View Brochure)  805 Comfort (View Brochure)


Jany 862 Tip/Fold Wheelchair and Ambulance Seats


 862 Standard ( View Brochure)  862 Contour (View Brochure) 862 Seamless (View Brochure)


Jany 825 Folding seats for Motorhomes


825 Standard ( View Brochure) 825 Contour (View Brochure)  825 Comfort (View Brochure)


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