Be-Ge Seating Solutions For Bus & Coach Drivers Seats

Be-Ge Seating Solutions for Bus and Coach Driver Seats

Be-Ge is the World's oldest suspension seat manufacturer and we know a thing or two about driver suspension seats and how vital they are in an arduous environment such as the bus & coach industry. From a "stop start" life of a city bus through to the long journey ahead of a coach, our primary focus when developing a seat is the driver.

Our bus & coach seating is developed with functions to meet each drivers’ requirements. Features such as easy adjustment from static to air suspension mode, shock absorption, lumbar support and safety options are available. Our ergonomically designed seats will ensure drivers can operate for long hours in a safe and comfortable working environment irrespective of drivers height, weight or stature.

At Be-Ge we understand that a bus driver is fundamentally constrained to the driver’s cabin throughout their shift, which does not afford much room for flexing and movement of limbs. A static posture aggravates accumulated muscle tension with little release. This is further worsened from extended hours behind the wheel. Backache in particular is an often-reported stressor for drivers, though other areas of pain genesis from the neck, shoulder and knee are also evident. We were early pioneers in reducing Whole Body Vibration carefully designing our seats to reduce WBV reducing vibration suffered by drivers and increasing the number of hours they can safely use the vehicle whilst keeping within the WBV limits.

Rotolift_UnitOur Be-Ge Bus driver seats are engineered by looking at the day to day role of a bus driver and analyzing their shift pattern throughout the day. We look at physical agents such as whole body vibration coupled with static postures and frequent twisting of the spine whilst negotiating busy traffic and parked vehicles contribute to lower back pain. Another important area is neck pain attributed to the frequent sharp turns of the head to the left and right when boarding passengers and driving.

Shoulder_SupportWe offer added features to our seats to minimise the stresses and strains during a bus drivers working pattern, our Rotolift unit with quick pedal operation allows the driver to turn their entire body towards passengers when taking fares or getting out of the cab. Our seat cushion is adjustable by 94mm giving added support to knees & thighs and our patented shoulder support unit comes out of the seat to give the driver extra support.

Be-Ge 3000 and Luxury 3100 series are air suspended seats that offer the highest comfort levels available. Among the new innovations on offer are the air operated shoulder support and the DPS function. The DPS function allows the driver to easily change between static and air suspended mode with atouch of a button in order to adapt to the roads conditions.

Be-Ge 3000 series standard features are weight independent height adjustment, quick air release, air operated tilt of seat cushion and release of slide rails, DPS function, air operated lumbar and side support and integrated headrest.The seat can also be specified with 640 mm backrest and separate headrest and a manual air controlled height adjustment system.

Be-Ge 3100 series is equipped as standard with weight independent height adjustment, quick air release, mechanical tilt of seat cushion and release of slide rails, air operated lumbar support and integrated headrest. The seat can also be specified with 640 mm backrest and separate headrest and a manual air controlled height adjustment system.

9200_SeatIf you are looking for a tried and tested reliable Mechanical suspension seat, look no further than Our Be-Ge 9200 series seat. It has been the seat of choice in maniland European buses for many years. You will also find this seat in some of the most arduous vehicle applications available within the construction & mining excavators and dump truck industry.

The 9200 series is equpped as standard with weight- and height adjustment, lumbar support,  protective bellow and slide rails. A choice between different back heights can be specified to have a good working position in all kinds of working environments.

Our Range of Bus & Coach Mechanical Suspended Seats


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