Jany M1 CCTV & Outside Broadcast M1 Seat Solutions

Be-Ge Jany M1 Tested CCTV & Outside Broadcast Solutions  cctv van

Be-Ge Seating UK is one of the leaders in supplying fully tested Jany M1 approved seats for mobile CCTV and Outside Broadcast Units

Our Jany M1 805 series seat enables the operator to sit comfortably for long hours with functions such as three point integral seat belt, fully reclining backrest, adjustable armrests, generous seat slides and 4 point rotation enabling an the operator to sit rear facing to allow them to perform their duties, then rotating the seat forward facing to enable them to travel in the seat.

You will find our Jany M1 seats fitted in CCTV units used by local councils, Police, Trading Standards, Inland Revenue and our seats are used by leaders in Outside broadcast such as the BBC, ITN & Sky news


Our Range of M1 and N1 Homologated Seating Solutions

We have a wide range of M1 and N1 homologated seating solutions to cover a vast range of vehicles, applications and budgets

Jany 801 Series non reclining fixed back


  801 Standard ( View Brochure)  801 Contour (View Brochure) 801 Comfort (View Brochure)


Jany 805 Reclining Seats


  805 Standard ( View Brochure)  805 Contour (View Brochure)  805 Comfort (View Brochure)


Jany 862 Tip/Fold Wheelchair and Ambulance Seats


 862 Standard ( View Brochure)  862 Contour (View Brochure) 862 Seamless (View Brochure)


Jany 825 Folding seats for Motorhomes


825 Standard ( View Brochure) 825 Contour (View Brochure)  825 Comfort (View Brochure)


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