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We are the manufacturer of M1 Jany passenger seats. Our range of seats meet the new stringent European Whole Vehicle Type Approval directives. We do not just supply seats, we provide homolgated solutions. Our seat and flooring system are fully tested in vehicle shells from Europes leading vehicle manufacturers.

All our testing is done with our own "in house" test rig which is independently witnessed by TÜV Rheinland and is fully documented and recognised by European Government bodies.

We are also one of the leading suppliers of passenger seats to the Emergency Services in the UK and meet the strict European CEN approval for Ambulances as well as being part of the Framework agreement for Police and Fire.

Our Jany seats are designed for some of the toughest environments you can put a vehicle seat into. Let's face it if you are driving an emergency vehicle that can legally go over the speed limit and go through traffic lights on red, you need the best protection available.

Jany has become a "Generic" name in Ambulances and we have been supplying front line Ambulances for 18 years. The chances are if you open the back door in a UK Ambulance, you will find a Jany in there.

We don't just supply Blue Light though, our work with the Emergency Services has filtered down into our range of Wheelchair Accessible, Construction Mess, M1 Minibus, TV outside broadcast units and builders vans.

We openly publish all our test reports to be viewed on line and we test all our seats in each individual manufacturers vehicle model shell you can view our test reports here: JANY APPROVALS


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