Office Chairs and 24 Hour Operator Chairs


Our range of Office chairs combine "Design Form and Function" to bring you an office chair that not only enhances the image of your office and company, but bring unrivaled levels of comfort and ergonomics.

We manufacture a full range of 24 hour office chairs which are used in critical envrionments 24/7 such as Air Traffic Control, Nuclear Power Stations, Emergency Control rooms and Call Centres.

Our famous brands include "Sverigestolen" and "Ullmanstolen". Our office chairs are a result of over 25 years development with our customers and feature many unique patented designs to prevent back pain.

Based in the UK, we are a wholly owned subsidiary of the Swedish Be-Ge Group. All our office chairs are manufactured at our own factory in Sweden, our 24 hour office chairs are based on our expertise and know-how gained from our truck and bus seats which we have been maufacturing since 1934. We are the World's oldest manufacturer of driver suspension seats and this knowledge has been incorporated into our office chair range.


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