Drivers and Passenger Seats, OEM optimised solutions for all environments.

Drivers Seats


We manufacture Mechanical and Airsuspended Driver seats for a wide range of vehicle applications. Established in 1934 we are the World's oldest manufacturer of suspended driver seats. Today you will find our seats in Truck's, Buses, Coach, Rail, Forestry, Forklift and Niche Vehicle applications.

Our Driver seats have been robustly and ergonomically designed ensuring a high level of comfort. With a robust design and various features, we offer optimised solutions for all environments.

Our new Dual Purpose Seat is designed so the suspension can be deactivated and locked into the static position, meaning the seat can change from soft and flexible on the motorway, to firm and steady itself when the road conditions require, in one simple movement.

Our Bus and Coach driver seating is developed using equipment to meet each drivers’ requirements. Features such as easy adjustment from static to air suspension mode, shock absorption, lumbar support and safety options are available. Our ergonomic Bus & Coach seats also ensure drivers can operate for long hours in a safe and comfortable working environment.

We also create bespoke seats for the railway driver. Options such as fire proof foam, adjustable bases and horizontal shock absorbers make Be-Ge the natual choice for some of Europes leading train operators.

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