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Be-Ge Seating UK Ltd

We are a wholly owned subsidary of the Be-Ge Group and responsible for the sales and support of Be-Ge OEM Driver Seats, Office Chairs / 24 Hour Office Chairs and Jany M1 OEM Passenger Seats throughout UK and Ireland.


Bus & Coach Seats

Our bus and coach seating is developed using equipment to meet each drivers’ requirements. Features such as easy adjustment from static to air suspension mode, shock absorption, lumbar support and safety options are available. Our ergonomically designed seats will ensure drivers can operate for long hours in a safe and comfortable working environment.


M1 Passenger Seats

Our Jany brand of seats is one of the leading suppliers of M1 fully approved passenger seats to the Blue Light industry in the UK.                                    
Our passenger seats are fully homologated solutions that meet European Type Approval legislation and typical applications where you will find our seats are Ambulances, Police, Fire, Wheelchair Accessible, local Councils, Construction Mess Vehicles and Taxi's

We openly publish all our test reports to be viewed on line and we test all our seats in each individual manufacturers vehicle model shell you can view our test reports here: JANY APPROVALS


Construction Seats

Our range of construction seating is ergonomically designed to provide a safe and comfortable seat for all types of terrain. We have a wide range of suspension options available helping to reduce harmful vibrations to the driver. Options are also available to enhance the safety and comfort of the seats.



Truck Seats

Our truck seats have been robustly and ergonomically designed ensuring a high level of comfort. We offer optimised solutions for all environments. The new Dual Purpose Seat is designed so the suspension can be deactivated and locked into the static position. In one simple movement the seat can change from soft and flexible on the motorway to firm and steady when the road conditions require.


Forestry Seats

Our range of seating is ergonomically designed to be safe and comfortable for all types of terrain.

Our seats have a wide range of suspension options available helping to reduce harmful vibrations to the driver. Options are also available to enhance the safety and comfort of the seats. 


Industrial Seats

Be-Ge offer a range of seating for the wide variety of vehicles in this sector. Our seats are developed to cater for most types of vehicle including tow tractors, large counterbalanced trucks, sideloaders, container handlers and many more. The various suspension options offer quick and easy adjustment for multiple drivers. The ergonomic design maintains a healthy and comfortable sitting posture for all operators.


Rail Seats

Like all of our seating, we use the latest ergonomic design to fulfil high requirements of comfort and durability. Using features to build on our standard models, we are able to create bespoke chairs for the railway driver. Options such as fire proof foam, adjustable bases and horizontal shock absorbers make the seating suitable for all applications.


Be-Ge Seating UK ltd - Part of

The Be-Ge group

Be-Ge is a family owned company group with production facilities in Sweden, Denmark, U.K, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. The company group comprises Be-Ge Seating division, Be-Ge Component division and Be-Ge Vehicle division.

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